Umba, Murmansk, Kola Peninsula
Umba, Murmansk, Kola Peninsula

Welcome to Umba

Pomor village on the Tersky coast

Umba is situated on the south side of Kola Peninsula. There are two villages of Umba actually. New Umba has sprung up on a coast of two deep bays of the White Sea in the neighbourhood with old Umba in the second half of the XIX century, after two saw-mills (Swedish and Russian) were launched here.

Old Umba is considerably older (founded in the middle of the XV century), smaller by size and hidden in the mouth of the river with the same name. The main properties of Umba are the coast-dwellers old time traditions, salmon, hospitality of the local inhabitants and the beauty of the mighty Umba river. The streets of old Umba consist of wooden sidewalks. Walk with us from the village to the shoreline by one of the numerous paths. Rocks polished by the sea inspire the large respect for the White Sea - the Grace Gandvik, as it is sometimes named in the coast-dwellers fairytales.

Tersky coast, the land of Kola coast-dwellers begins from here, from Umba. Undoubtedly, that the aerial traveler will think about taking a journey farther along the coast after breathing the wind from the sea. The names of the coast-dwellers villages sounds as a magic game: Kuzreka, Olenitsa, Kashkarantsy, Kuzomen, Varzuga, Chavanga, Chapoma, Strelna..... However remember that "civilization" finishes here. There are no hotels anymore and even the roads will also disappear.

During many tours we will visit Umba. We will visit the interesting museum of Umba; the "Museum of History and life of Tersky coast-dwellers" to get acquainted with the area, the nature and the inhabitants.

Since 2007 Umba village is a restricted area for foreign travellers. For visiting Umba you need a permit. This must be requested not lesser than 45 days prior your visit to Umba. Kola Travel has possibilities to request it for you, so be in time!

What to do:

  • Umba Pomor village:
    • Hospitality in guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight.
    • Sauna for groups in guesthouse.
    • Excursion in Museum of History and work shops in Umba village for groups up to 10 persons.
    • Entrance ticket to the Museum of History.
    • Folk concert of local sea dwellers for groups.
    • Permit for visiting Umba village.
    • A full day Atlantic salmon fishing at professional fishing camp: Umba Lodge. Includes guide service, lunch and dinner.

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