Welcome to Kola Peninsula

The Kola Peninsula is an ideal region for people who are attracted by unusual, unpredictable and extreme environments and boundless northern wilderness. The virgin forests, magnificent mountains, endless tundra, and crystal-clear rivers and lakes will make an indelible impression upon you. You will travel in time visiting ancient artefacts, historical memorials and witnessing tradional specalties of the Saami people and Sea dwellers.

The Kola Peninsula: an amazing land filled with miracles.

Kola Travel welcomes you

Kola Travel offers summer and winter holidays on in Northwest Russia: Saint Petersburg, Karelia, Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region and Russian Lapland. In fact virtually the entire spectrum of tourist services, for individuals, groups, and corporate clients. We focus on various types of active recreation and ecological tourism. We have gathered together the best that Northwest Russia offers.

You are in good hands from the moment of arrival until the time of departure. Whether it is in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Karelia or wherever, with us you may already experience a lot of advenure on the way to the Kola Peninsula.

Your adventure starts here!
— The Kola Travel Team