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Welcome to Kola Travel

«Kola Travel Plc» operates in Northwest Russia, focusing on active and cultural holidays on the Kola Peninsula with her particular Tersky Coast (Pomorsky) and Russian Lapland (Saami) culture.

Kola Travel was founded by the husband-and-wife team of Frank and Svetlana de Wit, who together represent a wealth of local knowledge and many years of experience in the European tourist industry. Frank is originally from the Netherlands, where for 15 years he owned his own firm - NorTrek - which specialized in active tours in Scandinavia. Svetlana, born and raised in the Murmansk region, is a professional tourism manager and English-Russian interpreter, and has been involved in the tourism industry on the Kola Peninsula since the late Soviet years.


Everything that we at Kola Travel do, we do in a quality manner. We can do this because we possess an excellent infrastructure and equipment base, skilled and experienced staff, well-established tour routes and excursions, and reliable partners. In those situations where we cooperate with partners based in different regions of European Russia, such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Karelia, the quality of service always remains at the same high standard as when Kola Travel is directly involved.


We at Kola Travel maintain the following priorities:

  • choosing the very best options when organizing tours;

  • individual service for each client;

  • the maximum attention to clients’ needs, requests and inquiries;

  • reasonable rates;

  • the exclusive use of highly-qualified personnel;

  • quality service;

  • stable relationships with partners.

At Kola Travel we understand perfectly that each client expects a well-organized holiday in a positive atmosphere, and we take great care to provide exactly that.


The best holidays are always those that contain an element of adventure. The Kola Peninsula is an ideal region for those people who are attracted to the unusual and unpredictable, and to extreme environments and untrammelled wilderness. Kola Travel has gathered together the best that Northwest Russia has to offer, in order to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

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